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​​Inspired by texts that address various aspects of the female condition, these works represent a profound reflection on the various moments in a woman's life.

Monologue #1 or Das Lições_edited.jpg

Monologue #1 or The Embedded Pain


Acrylic without Canvas
130 x 130 cm

“Women are born with built-in pain. It's our physical destiny - menstrual cramps, breast pain, childbirth. Men don't. They invent all these gods and demons to make themselves feel guilty, something we do very well on our own.”


Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Monologue #2 or Lessons

Monologue #2 or Lessons


Acrylic without Canvas
90 x 70 cm

"I learned early
that my place was not there
that my speech was not appropriate
that my skin wasn't right
that my sex was a limit

I learned early everything I was taught
and I forgot right away"

Mara Magaña


Monologue #3 or Candeia


Acrylic without Canvas
160 x 90 cm

Mother Courage and Her Children (1941)

"The most beautiful plans have failed
because of people's pettiness
who would be responsible for putting them into practice.

Am I right or not?"

Beltold Brecht

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