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Catholic iconography, a very characteristic sphere of spirituality and religious syncretism of the Brazilian people, is part of the intangible heritage of our country and, in a peculiar way, of the Northeast, with a direct influence on the way people construct their identity and consolidate a sense of belonging within their communities.

Adopting spirituality and faith as cultural elements, Ariell has been producing a set of works that represent saints “dressed” in a cloak of stories and heritages, highlighting customs, “sayings”, traditions and festivals that have contributed to the construction of an identity religious and popular legacy, allowing each observer to understand for themselves how, after all, their saint dresses.


Visual Artist: Ariell Guerra

Advisory: André Diogo

Artistic Curator: Jean-Marc Diogo

Executive Production: Maria Melo

Photography, Video Capture and Editing: Mylena Sousa

Art Direction: BuBuia Art Collective

Visual Identity: Rima Creation Studio


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